Pleased to have been invited to be a member of the jury for the Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards. Decision making brought about very interesting discussions and critical remarks. Thank you Demetrios Fakinos and Katerina Papanagiotou for inviting me to review all these great entries and best of luck to all participating designers!
Filippos Fragkogiannis - Jury Member
My Juror's Choice commentary on Semiotik Design’s identity for Core, recently published in this year’s Greek Graphic Design and Illustration Awards catalogue. The cover features MNP's beautifully implemented identity for the awards.


Core is  a bold, self-sufficient and functional idea. Its independent personality, handling of typography and compact structure of information are just some of the highlights. At the core of visual identity is the language, an archetypal element of interpersonal communication and cultural interaction. The logo, the individual distinctive names, as well as the spatial marking are in harmony, offering a unified reading experience in the space. As a well-structured solution, it applicates on different scales, thus distributing equally the interest and characteristics of each location in the eyes of the visitor. For instance, the labelling of a store that supplies branded products is followed by the labelling of a sports field or a cart that offers refreshing ice creams.
Filippos Fragkogiannis - Jury Member
The austere character of the work does not deprive anything of its powerful visual impact, which directs and informs effectively, while being easily memorized. Created for one of the most popular destinations in the world, Crete, the proposal successfully responds both to the background of the infrastructure and the framework in which it is integrated, and to the public that utilizes the spaces. At the research level, the creation of "Core" involves a complex process of classifying information, so that during the implementation, dynamic cohesive bonds emerge and the possibility of a systematic expansion of identity in the future is ensured. This projects responds consistently to the most current demands of visual communication: the ability to address an international and often heterogeneous audience, while focusing on clarity, immediacy and unpretentious aesthetics.

- Filippos Fragkogiannis