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Typo/Graphic Posters is a platform for inspiration and promotion of good design through the poster culture. It focus exclusively on typographical and graphical posters, those that challenge type, colors and shapes to express a message. Each poster is reviewed to meet a standard in visual qualities and functional efforts.
Filippos Fragkogiannis - AkzoNobel Color of the Year 2021 The Courage to Embrace Change Brave Ground Interpon Powder Coatings
Brave Ground has been unveiled as AkzoNobel’s Color of the Year for 2021. It is a warm and grounding neutral shade that gives us the courage to embrace change.
As unprecedented events and experiences become commonplace, it is no wonder that people are feeling more off-kilter with the modern world. According to AkzoNobel’s extensive global trend research, what people need most right now is to feel the ground beneath their feet.
When we can take comfort in the stability of simple things, we are emboldened to express ourselves, stand up for what we believe and make new connections from the past to the future.
Filippos Fragkogiannis - Art Creates Water
Glad to be a part of the Heart Directors Club’s Art Creates Water — The Magazine, featuring 40 artworks by 40 international artists for clean drinking water. Water is a human right and should be available for free around the globe.
Filippos Fragkogiannis - Type01 Article
A massive thank you to Type01 for the reflective article on my work. I’m beyond grateful to Amber Weaver and Zoë Loring Murphy for their beautiful editing. Read the article on Type01’s website.
Filippos Fragkogiannis - People of Print Members Article
Warmest thanks to People of Print for including our 2021 Weekly Index with Georgia Harizani  in their  Member Showcase.
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Featured on Ello
Ello recently featured some of our latest work with Georgia Harizani in their editorial homepage. One of the most creative, diverse communities. Many thanks!
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Digital Art Market
Design Calendar’s Digital Art Market is open today and my design is included. Every Sunday, discover new designers, buy digital designs and support Global Fund for Children! Each month Design Calendar will choose a different theme and charity to support.
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Featured on Ello

365+1 Calendar got featured on Ello's Editorial Homepage

Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - All Stars x Supernovae
Excited to have been invited to participate in the All Stars x Supernovae poster exhibition which Novi Sad 2021 - European Capital of Culture and the Kaleidoskop Design Pavilion organised with PDP Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. PDP 2020 will start on October 16 at the Kulturni Centar LAB, together with the program of online discussions with artists that will be streamed on their website.
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Mane Tatoulian
Today I received Mane Tatoulian’s Year Database for 2021. With her exceptional A5 year database, users can systematize and store their projects and goals while effectively tracking progress. It’s also ideal for collecting ideas or notes. Make sure to get yours and also read her inspiring journal containing insightful texts on contemporary culture and humanistic issues.
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Featured on Ello

Featured on Ello's Editorial Homepage

Gradient provides a set of unique retail typefaces with well-polished details and a strong personality. Achieving an impact on most scales, Milos Mitrovic’s letters are well-thought-out and blend harmoniously with each other. Undoubtedly, Linear Sans and Radial can be useful assets for any contemporary designer. Read more at the relevant Type01 article. 
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - AIGA Member
Being a keen supporter of the exchange of ideas and information amongst design professionals, I have recently been listed as a member in the American Institute of Graphic Arts. AIGA is committed to advancing the value and impact of design, laying foundations for the participation in critical analysis, research and the advancement of education and ethical practice.
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Elliot Ulm
Special thanks to the one and only Elliot Ulm for these beautiful iPhone cases, his latest collaboration with Casetify. Elliot is one of the smartest, talented creatives out there. With great wit and natural confidence, he manages to add a unique perspective to the design community and design itself. I wish him the best for the future, that’s definitely looking bright.
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Elliot Ulm
Many thanks to The Designers Foundry and Daniel McQueen for sending me their 8th-anniversary air freshener as a gift. Nice type and elegant object, designed by David Einwaller! “First We Shape The Tools, Then They Shape Us”. TDF is a hand-picked international team of type designers who strive to provide all designers with a quality resource of curated typefaces that is constantly evolving.
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Featured on Ello Social Media got featured on Ello's Editorial Homepage

My close partner Georgia Harizani designed her personal business cards, using 270gsm White Frost and Ebony Colorplan Papers, featuring dual embossing and Pantone colors.
In its article "Wallpaper* Poster Campaign: 50 of the finest", Wallpaper* presents a selection of 50 out of a 1000 poster entries, including my own, that reflect on the Covid 19 crisis. More than 1000 readers, from across the global creative community, responded to their call for graphic innovation to reflect on the Covid 19 crisis and spread messages of hope. The full digital response can be found at #WallpaperPosterCampaign on Instagram.
The Fonts In Use are Gatwick by Pangram Pangram Foundry and Valerio Monopoli, Microsoft Webdings, Neue Haas Grotesk by Monotype, Typefesse Pleine by Velvetyne and Océane Juvin and Helvetica.
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Concrete Poetry
BBDB Studio organized a remote Concrete Poetry Workshop to bring a personal perspective in these times of uncertainty. Fifteen amazing creatives joined them in this effort. Today, with the outcomes of their work they are launching a fundraising campaign for the World Health Organization (WHO) COVID 19 Solidarity Response Fund. They will donate all the money they can raise.
It's Nice That featured my Stay Home poster in its article "Creatives band together for support during the crisis". It's Nice That featured a selection of reactions, from the creative industry, to the current crisis. Including messages of support, fundraisers helping those affected as well as projects to work on from home.

"Facing an indeterminate period of self-isolation and an altogether worrisome and unprecedented state of affairs, the creative community has done what it always does: band together and think of brilliant ways to weather the storm".
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Behance Graphic Design Gallery
Happy to have our project with Georgia Harizani featured in Behance's Graphic Design GalleryThe calendar features 1 layout system, using 1 font, in 1 colour, printed on 1 type of paper. It can be used as a notebook, agenda, sketchbook etc. Intentionally not predisposed towards a perspective but allowing the user to create his own it represents shaping one’s New Year and the 365+1 days that follow.​​​​​
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Athens Photo Festival
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Fonts In Use
Filippos Fragkogiannis Blog - Poster Jam
My poster was selected among the top three of the Poster Jam challenge of May 2018 and exhibited together with a selection of other entries, in a group exhibition organised by Poster Jam & Hot Lagoon at Cazul 101, Bucharest.