Plain Jane T-Shirt

A limited-edition summer tee designed using Valerio Monopoli’s Gatwick typeface and Microsoft Webdings. The T-shirt speaks directly to a young crowd though a series of references to modern culture and simplicity. It directly mentions the homonymous A$AP Ferg track while also referring to marijuana. It can also refer to a “Becky” meaning an average girl. Emphasized by the characteristic use of green, relating also to nature, and the visual of an airplane flying high it evokes a sense of relaxation and excitement for a getaway or vacation.

Take Away Tote Bag

A limited edition tote bag designed using Milos Mitrovic’s PolySans Bulky resulting in a paradox between the measures taken during the pandemic and a positive outlook. Even though the phrase relates to withdrawal it can also evoke excitement for a getaway, emphasised by the use of yellow relating to the sun and optimism.

Is It Real? T-Shirt